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Ashland Historical Society * Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society

Preserving the rich history of the Ashland NE community & area
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  Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society   
207 North 15th Street
Ashland NE 68003

Preserving, recording and "telling" the rich history
of the Ashland NE community and area
We thought this cartoon explained the goals of the AHS clearly . . with a bit of humor         


We Wish You a Historically Good Day  ! !   sm

Scroll down the page for MAPS of Ashland, Ashland Area & Historic Highway 6
You will find viewable maps; link to a  PRINTABLE map   <to carry with you !

                               simply enter "Ashland Historical Society - Ashland NE" in  "search"  section of YOUR Facebook account
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We have developed  SEVERAL brand new pages !

check these new pages out and follow our progress !


The link Ashland - Sheffer Cemeteries page

contains information & the directories of both cemeteries.


NOTE: the Ashland Cemetery Directoryis the

ONLY currently searchable directory on the 'web'


The link > AHS Quarterly Meeting Recap

contains RECAPS of recent meetings of the AHS


The link>  ASHLAND GAZETTE history  page

contains the storied history of the ; Ashland Gazette

the oldest continually operating business in Ashland, dating to 1879



contains the historic pictures, stories & history of the railroads in Ashland Ne,
dating to the 1869 sale & agreement with Dennis Dean, a prominent early settler


Link to >  HOFFMAN Bldg. - Oscar Hoffmanpage



this page describes our Annual Celebration,

provides pictures from the past & will have NEWS

and EVENTS scheduled  for our 67th Annual  2015 STIR UP Days


Pictures from the 66th & 67th Annual Stir - Up Celebration are posted for you enjoyment


Be sure to watch the left had edge of our webpages
for NEW additions of more informative history & pictures


We invite you to join our 'e-mail list' of Members & Friends of the

AHS, to receive updates, meeting schedules, & Quarterly Newsletters

send your request to




(above photo taken from a picture postcard - mailed in 1909)

(Pic below: The building on the right is the Selma Hotel - today the Farmers and Merchants Bank)

(The building on the left - with the cupola - is the National Bank - today the Lutton Law Offices)


The photo above, is from the AHS-SFHPS postcard collection, recently donated

by Dick Harnsberger, looking east from 15th & Silver, circa 1911.



This picture is from a picture postcard - mailed from Ashland on May 31, 1912

(The building pictured above, is the Selma Hotel - today & then the Farmers and Merchants Bank)

The F & M Bank was actually in the hotel - entry through the corner entrance pictured


The Selma hotel entrance was just to the left of the car in front

. . you could stay at the Selma in 1911 for $2.00 . . included your meals !

. . wonder what their rates are now  . .


WONDER ABOUT the History of a Building on Silver Street

For example, . . . the history of the Glacial Till Winery

building was detailed in January 2011 AHS meeting

. . or that Beautiful Old Home ? ? ?


We invite you to "click" on the link to 2 pages in particular:




Ashland Historical Society Quarterly Meeting Recap  < <  LINK



the old and the new: circa approx. 1909 & circa 2010 & 2012

paved streets, the opera house painted blue . . street lighs & banners

cars & pickups replacing the buggy . . . STILL no parking meters . . yeah !









After all . . . we like to describe Ashland NE as the


that has (2) nearby "suburbsJ

Omaha is about 25 - 30 miles east of us . .
Lincoln is about 25 - 30 mile west of us


Come stay awhile - there are no parking meters - no 'rush hour traffic'.

We are a community of FAITH with several growing & vibrant congregations,
and a public school system that is second to none - one that others emulate!

click above ^ ^ for "Clay's Page"

Ashland Historical Society

Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society

Ashland NE 68003

2015-2016 Officers and Directors are:

President: Marti (Bailey) Fritzen

Vice President: Peg Lutton

Secretary: Deb Busing 

Treasurer: Marilyn (Kolb) Wright

Directors: Judy Hull, Jerry Froistad, Shirley (Raikes) Hemke, Lee Graham, Pat Proctor
Webmaster-Webservices: Roger Bratt


MEMBERSHIP is available to all interested in Ashland NE History:

As a member of AHS - SFHPS, you will remain on the newsletter mailing list

and you will be on the calling committe's list for special events.

Your support as a Member . . at whatever level is so very important
as we have shared on the website, in recent newsletters and at our meetings
we are nearing the fulfillment of a dream:
A permanent MUSEUM for the Ashland Historical Society
The City of Ashland and the Ashland Library Committee have reached agreement
for the AHS  to accept the 'old' Ashland (Carnegie) Public Library, [circa 1911]
for use as the Ashland History Museum  [ AHM ]  in 2015
 artists rendering of the NEW ACRC - the Ashland Community Center, Resource Center & Library
This is wonderful news . . however, it requires certain budget items
that may only be paid for with a strong membership base & contributions.
Your support is greatly appreciated & certainly needed at this critical time.
THANK YOU for your thoughtful consideration !
Dues are payable at our meeting(s) OR:
may be mailed to: Marilyn (Kolb) Wright, Treasurer
Ashland Historical Society 
207 North 15th Street - Ashland NE 68003

Your dues will go toward supporting the Society's objectives.

Dues are for the fiscal year of October through September each year.


Ashland Historical Society

aka; Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society

(Renewal / Enrollment  Annual Dues - due October 1st each year):
Patron $75      Family $35      Single $20
  Interested in becoming a Member of the AHS  ? ?    



Invitation to join the AHS  < printable form & information


 Interested in making a contribution to the AHS  ? ?   


 is now available  . . learn more    
for you, your company, your estate, etc. to
contribute tax-exempt donations for the continuing
support  of the Ashland Historical Society - SFHPS 
Your support is greatly appreciated &
certainly needed at this critical time,
as we prepare to OPEN our NEW museum; located
in the historic Ashland (Carnegie) Public Library building
[constructed in 1911 * registered on the National Register of Historic Places]
THANK YOU  again, or your thoughtful consideration.


Once again, Thank You  for your generous & continuing support;

be that support . . tireless hours of volunteering, financial & other

contributions of historical articles, pictures and history of our families

as we now share the "living history" of Ashland NE to Members and the world !

Our E-mail addresses are:

HISTORY of The Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society


" In October of 1996 a group of Ashland residents interested in Ashland's history

gathered at the invitation of Barbara Ziegenbein to form an organization.

They chose the name The Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society.


Temporary officers were:

Co-chairs: Martha "Marney" Fricke and Barbara Ziegenbein,

Treasurer, Marilyn (Kolb) Wright and Secretary, Judy Hull.


The organization's purpose was to stimulate the interest of Ashland citizens

in our rich heritage, to collect, record, care for and exhibit items that would

serve to illustrate the history of the Ashland area, and to acquire adequate

and proper space to preserve and exhibit these items in a manner that would

encourage donations and participation.


Meetings were quarterly with an annual meeting in September at which time

new offcers were elected. The first membership drive brought in 46 charter members.

Some projects undertaken for fund raising and education were:

The Historic Ashland Afghan, Post cards with the Ox Bow Trail cancellation,

the book "Main Street Ashland" and the Historical Marker at the site of

Memphis Ice House. Newsletters and posters were printed. Donated items,

pictures, maps, etc. were catalogued and filed in archival protective boxes.

Several oral histories were taken and recorded and transcribed.

Lillian (Dean) Bailey, with the wealth of historical data and knowledge,

began the feature , "A Glimpse of the Past", in The Ashland Gazette.

Several Members did research at the NE State Historical Society and

attended seminars on the preservation of historical artifacts.

Since April of 2005 the lack of an affordable space for the

organization has stalled further activity. Needed are youthful

enregy and ideas, The history of Ashland is worth preserving."


The story above is reprinted from The FIRST 150 YEARS Ashland Nebraska: 1857 - 2007



Since the 2007 story was written . . . :


. . . it was decided that The Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society would launch a website:


This would benefit the membership, as well as "connecting" with former residents and friends.

Our web presence is known as Ashland Historical Society - the name was chosen to make

"search engine optimization" easier . . more simply explained - "finding it" on Google, Bing, etc.


The website

was 'launched' Feb 10th, 2010


In late January 2011, the Ashland Historical Society launched their  Facebook   page


April 30th, 2012, the website "moved" to a new "web host" . . .

Our web address remained

the new "web host" ( a computer geek term ! ) will provide several features

that were not available on the previous 'host'

The 'transition' comes with a few 'hiccups' & challenges . .

you will see that we will have a better web presence when everything is completed.


MARCH - APRIL of 2015    The Ashland Historical Societyreached agreement with the

City Of Ashlandfor the long-term lease of the former Ashland (Carnegie) Public Library

building [circa 1911] as the AHS Headquartersand the Ashland History Museum  [AHM ]



Synopsis: The website presence and the new  Facebook page  have created interest in Ashland history

from around the world and from outer space ! We have been able to create an enormous e-mail list

of Members, Friends & former residents, including Clay Anderson, Nebraska's first astronaut, Ashland's native son;

members of the military, Troy Froistad & Chris Bogus, Rich Snodgrass, serving our nation, & countless others.


We are able to preserve funds for ongoing projects through the e-mailing

of our newsletters,  thereby saving printing and mailing expense.


We invite you to join our 'e-mail list' of Members & Friends of the

AHS, to receive updates, meeting schedules, & Quarterly Newsletters

send your request to


We learned in January of 2011, that Suzi Nelson of the Ashland Gazette was able to

secure permission from the OWH, owner of the Gazette, for the AHS to reprint the

entire "A Glimpse of the Past" series of articles written by Lillian (Dean) Bailey.

We are very grateful to Suzi, the Gazette & the OWH for this important contribution.

We will be making these available on CD/DVD very soon.


Through our "Contact Us" page, we receive several request monthly from folks 

who are searching for genealogy information about family members with

ancestral roots in the Ashland community and the Ashland area.


This has served three very important purposes:

The family members have shared stories and pictures that we have been able to share

on the website, has energized our member "history buffs & genealogists" to search sources

that they have each & all developed over the the years and to establish new 'friends', as well. 


Possibly the most exciting news is that in October of 2010, the Ashland Library Commitee

approved the selection of an architect to guide them through the process of building a NEW

Ashland Community Resource Center and Public Library . . .

a project that has been a dream in Ashland for several years ! 


The NEW ACRCand Library [Ashland Community Resource Center and Public Library]

was dedicated and opened on February 7th, 2015.


A picture postcard from the Dick Harnsberger collection - (below)

The Ashland (Carnegie) Public Library was built in 1911

& is on the National Register of Historic Places





This story about the Ashland (Carnegie) Public Library was first published in 1915:

The City of Ashland is fortunate in having an excellent public library.

The modern city is coming to recognize the necessity of a library, where the public,

particularly the people who have never had the advantage of a library,

may have the privilege of keeping themselves informed.

The idea originated in Ashland in 1910-11.

The Woman's Club of the town, Reverend Clark, and E. C. Wiggenhorn were largely responsible for its inception.

The sum of $5,500 was secured from the great philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, and the total cost of the building was $7,000.

Ernest A. Wiggenhorn, Jr., donated the ground on which the building stands and H. A. Wiggenhorn put on a $5,000.00 roof.

Numerous other citizens donated various sums to aid in the construction.

Ground was broken for the building in October, 1911, and the building was opened the last of March, 1912, with Jessie Scott as librarian.

The contract for the erection of the library was given to W. R. Shankland of Lincoln, Neb.

The building was rented to the Ashland Historical Society for use as a museum in February, 2015.



Be sure to check our

Ashland Historical Society Events Calendar

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and meeting dates !


Ashland Historical Society/Events Calendar

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'New Bridge' over Salt Creek * circa 1908 postcard
  Ashland Historical Society   
  Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society  
207 North 15th Street,  Ashland NE 68003
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Preserving, recording and "telling" the rich history
of the Ashland NE community and area